Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014 San Nicolas

2014-12-15 San Nicolas

Hey Mom, Thanks for the hot chocolate instructions.

It sounds like everything is going well over there, I´m glad Nathaniel is doing well in school. If he goes to BYU though I don´t think we would ever be there together unless he went a year before a mission. That wouldn´t be the worst thing to do if I were still there.

Davis and 4 other missionaries pose for a picture with a nun.
We´re going to have a baptism this Sunday! We met this guy named E my on my first P-day in the mission field, and he told us to come visit him the day after. That lesson we had was so powerful; he had been jobless and such and our lesson just brought him so much comfort and peace. Right in that first day he wanted to be baptized. We promised him that he would have a lot of trials as he continued to follow the example of Jesus Christ and live the commandments that the Lord has given us, but that he would also be blessed very much and that he would be able to find work.

Well after about a week of teaching him, he did find a job, but then we could never see him because he was never home. We got really anxious and frustrated and two weeks went by where we didn´t see him. We finally saw him in the local market and made an appointment to see him. Phew, we found him. When we had the lesson, we were surprised of his faith, because we thought that he had lost his desire to be baptized and such. He told us that he had been praying everyday in the way that we taught him! Wow! That´s something that got us really excited! We had to talk to him about not working on Sundays because it is the Lord´s day and that we need to go to church. Not a problem, E changed so now he tries not to go to work on Sundays and he has been at church for the past two weeks. It was still a bit hard to find him on weekdays, and for a couple days he was working in a mechanic shop right by the church. We headed over there and talked to one of the guys who worked there. His name was A, and is he interested! We talked to him about the restoration and gave him a pamplet and at our next lesson with him. that pamplet was just marked up with questions and all, it was amazing. There was a concert at the temple yesterday for christmas (It was awesome ill tell you a bit about it during skype) and he came with us! He drinks, which is something we have to talk to him about, but he is almost always spot on with the commitments we give him!
Monterrey Mexico Temple

Anyway back to E, he´s doing really well now, still not having the easiest time with work, but he´s really happy. He does want to go work in the states (he has a visa and all so he wont be illegal or anything) but he asks us if he goes to the states if there will be an LDS church there, and of course we tell him of course! oh yea, E speaks pretty good english too because he worked in Vancouver with his brother for 2 years i think. I have seen how this gospel has blessed him so much, from the time we met him to now, he is so much happier. He´s laughing and smiling all the time and it´s great. I know that when we try our best to be obedient to the things our heavenly father has commanded us, and when we repent of our sins and constantly try to follow Christ´s example, we can find great happiness, even in the heart of trial and difficult times. I´ll send you pictures of the baptism next week.

For the Skype, I´ll probably skype on Christmas on the 25th from the stake president´s house because he´s in our ward. I´ll write down the skype addresses you sent me.

also...There´s AP BIOCHEM!?!?!?!?! WOAH. hey mom, after about a year in my mission when I´m super comfortable with all of my spanish, you´ll have to send my diagrams of biology stuff labelled in spanish so I can learn that in spanish (and multitask and review all of that stuff hahaha) My MTC teacher told me not to stop learning vocab after you have become comfortable speaking and such. Learn all you can while you have the gift of tongues!

I think that´s about it for today, here are some pictures and tell Nathaniel to email me next week, and dad, they send funny emails. [Mom's emails aren't funny?] I´ll send a letter soon.

I love you all (and have you been doing FHE and scriptures and prayer and all?)

I love you


P.S. a sneak peak? of a Christmas surprise? huh? what´s this? (I hope it gets there on time, it should’ve been sent last might get there late) DONT WORRY YOU’LL STILL LOVE IT!
Is that the Christmas surprise?

P.P.S. Hahahahahah no way! I bet he likes three rooms though! [Davis responded to the news that we put a window in Nathaniel's room so he can sleep in there when it is hot instead of moving into the guest room, and Davis' room...]

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