Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014 Still San Nicolas (I think...)

How is everything!? quick checkup:

are you doing family home evening? Are you all reading your scriptures everyday and having family prayer? Is dad and nathaniel doing home teaching? (I feel bad about that question because i never did it)

If you were doing all that for this whole month, THAT would be an awesome christmas gift.
Still haven't gotten the package, but that doesn´t mean it´s not here. They hold onto it until a zone conference or interviews or the next time you go to the offices. So i´ll get it the 23rd because that´s when we have our mission christmas event. Don´t worry if it´s not a lot mom! Do you really think that it would matter to me? the best gift is going to be skyping you guys! oh, i´ll probably do that in the Stake President´s house, he lives in our Barrio (ward). a good thing to send me next christmas would be home made jams...yum! that would be awesome. But i think I´ll go buy some nice khaki pants.

HOW COULD I FORGET TO WRITE NATHANIEL LAST WEEK? I feel so bad. I´ll write him right after this.

This week has been well. O went to the temple this saturday to do baptisms for the dead already and he has already passed the sacrament! He´s really engaged in the church and it´s awesome because i remember being concerned about that a month ago where he didn’t want to go if his cousin wasn’t going. we have a couple of other investigators right now, but I still don´t want to write about them yet. 1 of them is progressing much though so I´ll probably tell you about him next week!

Gosh there´s so much to say in so little time! I´ll write a letter today about my first change that you can get in about a month hahahaha.

My companion got called as the district leader! hahaha isn´t that cool; to have your trainer be the district leader? I was reading grandpa johansen´s mission memories and his trainer was.

I made some banana pancakes, they were super good. We bought a lot of stuff last week so we could just make our own breakfast and dinner. We´ve been eating a lot healthier now, pretty healthy actually. :) I still wear my retainer every night and brush and floss everyday.

Oh, how do you make good hot chocolate with the abuelita tablets? We make it and its kind of particle-ish.

Hey! I finished the Book of Mormon again! 2 times already in the book of mormon, and now I´m already in 2nd nephi in spanish! The Book of Mormon is  the best!

I don´t know if the way I´m writing you is good or not, I haven´t looked at how C(ousin) or GK do theirs, but let me know.

I´m going to write Nathaniel now.


Elder garner

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