Monday, February 2, 2015

02-02-2015 San Nicolas

I´m gonna get some letters tomorrow, the zone leaders told me that I got some (You really only get letters once a change because the secretary of materials only goes to send all of the letters once and only goes to pick them up every six weeks, so I try to send at least one or two letters every six weeks)
Davis in the crazy coche (slang for car)

Hmm I write letters weird. oh well. 
"The low rider is a little higher."
Hey so this week was pretty good, It was really hard but it was really good too. We worked super hard, and we finally broke the no people in church curse that we have had for 5 weeks! We had 3 investigators in church yesterday and it was awesome because during testimonies all of the members gave their testimonies about the restoration and such (not consciously) and it was super awesome! ALSO, we gave a lesson to the members the third hour about service and how through that you can share the gospel with others. It was really good and all of the members felt inclined to do something. We are gaining a lot of the confidence of the members and they are starting to help us a lot more. Also, we got the permission from the mission president to got with the ward next monday and clean the temple(SWEET) that´s going to be super awesome! I´ll send pictures (only of the outside of the temple of course hahaha) 
Elder J and Davis riding in the back of a member's truck.
Here´s something sad. I haven´t seen E in 2 weeks, he´s kind of disappeared, looking for work I assume. It´s pretty frustrating.

Here´s good news. O is doing great and his parents are still being prepared by the Lord. They didn´t come to church yesterday (O didn´t either, but this is only the second time he´s missed church and he only misses it for a super valid reason) But when we visited O, we talked with his parents, which we hadn´t done for about 2 weeks because they weren´t progressing. Well his dad gave the closing prayer, and unlike al others that he has given it was very sincere. He asked for guidance in his day, he asked for the Lords help to help him focus on his work and his family and not to dwell in bad thoughts and hang around bad influences. He said please help me change. I almost teared up, I could feel the desire growing in him to follow the Lord´s example. We´re going to go see them again today, and we´ll see if they are truly ready to get married and baptized yet, but even if they aren´t yet , I have great faith that they will be, sometime, soon or later, they will be.
Davis took Elder S to the Sirloin Stockade with some of his Christmas cash.  Seriously...he's in Mexico and he chooses the Sirloin Stockade.  He could be in Thousand Oaks.
There´s so much stuff that I want to tell you but there isn´t enough time!!!!! I need to make sure that I write it all in my journal! It´s been getting difficult to do everyday but I´m still doing it!

Also, My companion has a book called ¨The Miracle of Forgiveness¨by Spencer W. Kimball. It´s SUPER GOOD.

I Love you all!!

Elder Garner

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