Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015-02-25 San Nicolas

Hey mom,

Obviously I went to the temple today [His preparation day changes when they go to the temple and his email is delayed which makes his parents worry just a little] It was awesome again.
Monterrey Mexico Temple

Do you want me to write nathaniel in spanish?

Really quick, can you put some money on my card?

Everything is going great over here, We are going to have a baptism this saturday! His name is F and he is the cousin of the director of missionary work in the ward, I already said that though. He´s been exposed to the church for a long time because of his family, and he came to church a couple times and really wanted to get baptized and such. He´s really smart, really funny, really strong (his job is a physical teacher of some sorts and he works out about 3 hours everyday) and he´s just a super cool guy. He didn´t come to church last sunday...because he went down to veracruz to visit his girlfriend, who is an active member, to go to their stake conference! how cool is that. But I have noticed that the investigators that start learning from members(not missionaries) and join the church with a friend on hand are the ones who usually are stronger in the church and stay active and such. Who can you share the gospel with this week? Mom? Dad? Nathaniel? Think about that. Oh how was FHE?

Well Since Elder J and I are such good friends, and we are working super hard and having fun doing so, this change has gone by too fast, next tuesday will be changes, and I might leave this area (And Elder J! NO!) I really hope I stay because I love the people in this ward and I love having Elder J as my companion. We will soon see what happens, but whatever it is, it will be great, I know that much.

At the Temple today, some people from another zone came up to me and said "Are you Elder Garner?"
"We´ve heard a lot of great things about you! You sound like an awesome missionary!"

Honestly I was pretty flattered. hahaha
Elder J and Davis

Keep reading your scriptures, keep saying family prayer, keep doing family home evening. Tell Thanny I love him and Tell dad I have some golf ties to send him (They´re really cool)



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