Monday, April 6, 2015

San Nicolas March 30, 2015 (email delayed a week)

Hey I forgot to tell you that I got ingrown toenail!!!! Guess I can´t play in the turkey tornament again! [Note to reader: Davis had an ingrown toenail in middle school that prevented him from playing a Thanksgiving soccer tournament.  He was very disappointed.] Nah it´s ok cuz I just got it cut out and it was super fun! I got the shot and blood and everything. I got a funny video. Now my toe kind of hurts, oh well.

Davis at the doctor's office fixing his ingrown toenail.
K´s baptism got postponed because he hasn´t come to the past few lessons we were going to have with him...bummer. It´s ok though he still wants to get baptized, but I think we´re going to try to do something special to animate him, because honestly...I bet the missionary lessons are a bit boring for a 13 year old kid. We´ll figure it out. I usually just eat a banana and a ham sandwich, for both breakfast and dinner. I´ve been eating a lot more fruits and such.  We only eat lunch at 2 with a member.

Sounds like Nathaniel is doing very well. Hey he´s using my backpack! I said that right when Elder J said Hey my brother is using my suit! hahahaha.

I spilt chocolate milk on myself two nights ago...I still have the curse.

Chocolate milk on his shirt.
O already wants to be a missionary! so he has been going with us to a couple of visits, especially this boy named L. He´s 12 and he understands everything that we teach. He´s the one with the mom that has the foot problem with diabetes. We took him to church this sunday and we was all ready in a shirt and tie. He could only stay an hour because he had to go back and take care of his mom (I love you mom) but after sacrament meeting he said "next week I want to go to all of the classes so I can learn more" Awesome! Well next week is General Conference and I´m super excited for it, although it´s not as fun to here the dubbed over spanish because you don´t get the authenticity of their voices. no matter. I´m going to try and watch with a question in mind. I invite you and dad and nathaniel...and everyone that reads the blog as well. LDS General Conference

Elder D from San Diego.

Hmmm, there were quite a few things that have happened this past week, we had a zone conference, where we talked about the importance of baptism in life  and how to really be an excellent missionary by always inviting everyone to do something that will help them get closer to christ and strengthen their faith. I have been super stoked and my desires to serve the lord and just help people find the truth has skyrocketed!

Do you have any more questions mom?

I love you!

Elder Garner

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