Monday, April 20, 2015

2015-04-20 Cienega de Flores

Hey Mom!

(this week was a hard week)

I got transferred to the little branch of Cienega de Flores, It´s about 2 hours north of San Nicolas by bus, and it´s a pueblicito (small town). It´s actually still in the stake of San Nicolas (not in the same zone though), even though it´s still super far(my branch isn´t even the farthest one away). They whitewashed Elder J and I, so He´s not in Nicolas Bravo either, he went to be a zone leader in a different zone, which is cool.

My companion is Elder H. He´s from the stake of Pachucha Hidalgo in Mexico. He knows as much english as I know the names of cars (barely

Well the first day when I arrived here, we found a giant freakin’ spider in the corner of the shower Shooot! The next day I killed a black widow that was hanging around the folletos [pamphlets] and then after that we found a small tarantula stuck between the window and the screen, about the size of a regular sports´s still there. so...LOTS OF SPIDERS! Bleh, I´m not really fond of them, but at least it´s not like Ron Weasely and Aragog. 

oh here´s another thing...We´re on Bikes. We´re one of the very few areas in our mission with bikes, our area is super big too. This saturday that past, we were waiting for the zone leaders to show us where we were going to eat (Our branch consists of 2 areas, cienega de flores and real de sol, the zone leaders are in the other one and we eat with them sometimes.) and all of a sudden my tire explodes! The tube blew through and ripped the tire! Sheesh, I had to go buy another one of both. Let´s just say mom that this area has been pretty...crazy I guess in this first week.

I have seen some new birds though (for my mission list) I saw a hooded Oriole, the ones that live in our palm trees, I have seen a lot of scissor-tailed flycatchers, that one bird that nested in san paula last summer, and I found a zone tailed Hawk, never seen one before. Yea.

The branch is very nice though, Even though it is small all of the members are super loving and awesome. They really want to build up the branch spiritually and phsyically, so We´re going to help them do that.

It is pretty green here though, a pretty place. Oh, so one of the zone leaders (Elder S actually [Davis’ trainer], he´s my zone leader now how strange huh) told me that i got a package. It´s probably at the offices still so I´ll probably get it when we have zone interviews or something, but it got here! And, this cyber isn´t bad, so maybe I´ll send some pictures next week. I´m going to the Temple on the sixth of May, so I won´t email you on the 4th, but the 6th, and that´s when We´ll get everything figured out on how we are going to talk for mother´s day. We are going to figure that out.

Well, I´m growing mom, I´ll tell you that, I´m giving it all I got, it´s tough sometimes but I know that the Lord can help me do it. I know that I couldn´t do this myself. Everyday I find myself more and more dependant on the Saviour. When I get discouraged I think of the talk "The good news about the gospel of Jesus Christ is that our desires can be transformed." I read Alma chapter 38 often. []

I love you so much

Tell Nathaniel that I say keep going, you´re doing great! (No!!! Second place, really close second place!! -Mr. Incredible hahahah)

Elder Garner

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