Monday, April 13, 2015

San Nicolas, April 13, 2015

Hey Mom!

This week has been super awesome! so much happened and yet it went by so fast!

firstly, no it was the other toe, thank goodness, and it is a ok. [Ingrown toenail report.]

The mural stayed around for about 4 days before rain washed it away, it was awesome. We would see people walking super slowly by it, and then they´d stop to read hahahah. I can send you all of the steps of it so you can post the whole thing. The time lapse should be really cool.

So I will probably get transferred tomorrow, I´ll find out where I´m going and with who tonight (but you´ll have to wait till next Monday)  but I´ll be able to write letters to O and Sister F and K. E literally disappeared, kind of upset about that, but it´s good that I´m leaving this area because if I found him again I would probably yell at him(no not really)

I just got an email from CS and from RW [high school running buddies]. CT writes me now and then, I get emails from JB, SE and MB, CN writes me, I talk to Elder KS [serving in a different part of Mexico] and Cousin Garner [serving in Germany]. Elder GK [serving in Lyon, France] is too happy-go-lucky in his mass emails so I haven´t gotten a reply from him yet. hahaha.

Thanks mom, I´m actually going to go get a haircut right after this, so I´ll get something nice. I think I have a pretty modest haircut as a missionary, but I use gel now so it doesn´t bother me, should I go without? [Mom says yes.]

Anyway, K GOT BAPTIZED FINALLY. And let me say it was a LOVELY baptism. Let me give you the story:
So in the morning there was a youth conference for 2 stakes, and it was a missionary activity that we participated in. We did little workshops about Preach My Gospel and Elder J and I taught about chapter 5: The Book of Mormon. We did a fun little activity and the youth got super excited about the book of Mormon. I also saw Elder L [MTC companion] at the conference too! After it finished at about 12pm. We prepared for the baptism. Since all of the youth was still there, all of the youth from our ward stayed and then some for the baptism. I played some prelude music on the piano and it was super reverent! When we moved from the chapel to the baptismal room for him to get baptized, everyone was very quiet. Once K came out of the water, we was beaming and super happy. Everyone moved back to the chapel and to keep the reverence, Elder J played an arrangement of hymns on his guitar. Then, O gave a super awesome talk and shared his baptism experience! When it ended and people were eating cupcakes, K´s mom, M, came up to us with tears in her eyes, she was so happy to see K get baptized and that everyone in the ward loved him. The spirit truly touched her heart. Now she wants us to teach her. It was such a wonderful experience for me.
K's baptism

Davis, Happy and wet K, Elder J

 Anyway, that same day around 8:15pm, we were buying crepes and a lighting storm strikes! Raining super hard, lightning struck super close and the power went out for a minute hahahah. We finished our crepes and booked it for the house, WE WERE DRENCHED! The roads were almost 9 inches full of water! And then the next day it cleared up and was sunny and bright...until 8 o clock, It was an even bigger storm! Lighting was super strong and the thunder was way loud, the power went out in our area for about 2 hours, probably because it actually struck a electricity box this time, super windy. It was super cool. It´s sunny right now...but who knows what it will be tonight. We were safe thought because we were in our house and we said a prayer. 
Soaked by a thunderstorm.

 I have had such amazing experiences here in Nicolas Bravo, and with Elder J, but we´ll see what happens tomorrow! hahahah when I told the bishop´s wife that I was probably going to get changed, she said "¡No se vaya!" (Don´t Go!) and invited us over for lunch for today hahahah. It´ll be a little sad to leave the people in this ward.

I´ll try to write my grandmas and grandpa. Do you think you could ask grandpa if he could find me a "New Testament" alone in spanish, as in it´s just the new testament nothing else. [I thought he had the whole bible in Spanish; not sure why he’d need just the New Testament”]

I love you guys!

Elder Garner

sorry, I shouldn´t be sending so many pictures, But I´m not sure if I´ll have a safe ciber in my next area, so if I don´t I won´t send pictures to you ok.  love you,

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