Saturday, May 7, 2016

2016.04.25 Huasteca

Santa Catarina
Hey Mom (I love you),

This week was neat-O. when I pass by anybody I always say hell-O. sounds like the week was not so mell-O. The Bishop here is such a nice fell-O. Man I really miss eating Jell-O.

This week went by fast, as all the other weeks have. I haven`t had time to write in my journal for a couple of weeks, but also I think that I haven`t had quite so much motivation to do so when I do have a bit of free time in the evening or on P-day. It seems to be that I have been attracted to use my free time to read Jesus the Christ, being that I`ve never read it before. I really like it, because it`s a good commentary on the life of Jesus, and it helps me better understand the context of the New Testament. But, I´m not reading the new testament right now, maybe I could along with it, or at least all of the referenced scriptures. I enjoy reading all of the notes as well, being as they explain antecedents and such to the events in Christ`s life. Such as today, I read about Jesus`encounter with the samaritain woman at the well, and how marvelous that conversation was along with his two day tarry in Samaria. one of the notes at the back of the chapter explains the long history of the unmeasurable hatred between the Jews and the Samaritains, and for that it was a large act of love and withhold of judgement for Jesus to teach and testify among them. I really liked reading that, and how we should have an increased amount of love towards those that so despise us (or that we may too despise.)

I had two very neat experiences this week, which both actually happened yesterday.

Actually, the first one started since friday. I was reading in Words of Mormon, and I was just pondering about all of the effort and faith he had put in to abridge the plates while fleeing from the lamanites. I thought about how God had done those things for a wise purpose, and how he had prepared the Book of Mormon for US! since 2000 BC. So I thought to myself "This would be a good talk topic." and I imagined myself giving a talk. Well this sunday, it must have turned out that one of the speakers was absent. I realized that as one of the teachers came up to me and said "Hey, you`re going to give a talk." Isn`t that exciting? I really do think it is, I had about ten minutes in my head to prepare, but I guess the Lord had already given me a topic, so I got up there and I talked abou the Book of Mormon. It was a very good talk, if I say so myself. But I don`t acredit myself for that, because I know that it`s just a gift that I have recieved from the Lord. I am still quite amazed that (even though I do acredit myself to speaking fairly fluent spanish with a good vocabulary and correct grammar) my spanish, or speech, seems to be much more fluent and clear while I am speaking. I am always grateful to speak in sacrament meeting and to bear my testimony.

The second experience we had was just about the end of yesterday. At 7 in the evening we have to go home to call the district leaders and then wait for the assistants to call us for the weekly report, and whatever other announcments or assigned tasks there will be. It was 6:40 and we were going to head home on the bus, while in a far off colony, and I recived a call from one of the members, who had called to inform that one of our investigators had passed by her house to ask if someone could give her a blessing. I told her it would be quite difficult for us, since we were far from their home, and we had to go home to do some calls. I said we could pass by the next day. The call finished and I thought maybe we could call someone else to go and give her the blessing, but as I was looking in the phone contacts I heard that still small voice "Don`t pass up the opportunity to use the priesthood." So Elder G and I decided to go right before heading home, in some way. JUST as we had agreed on that, a taxi passed by and saluted us, and so we stopped it. We got in and he said "I just wanted to wave hi because you are missionaries, but that`s great that you need a taxi. He had heard about us before and knew about our church well and had a great respect for us. We asked if he could take us to one place first and then to wait, and then to take us to our home, and we was perfectly fine with that. We got to the house of the investigator and she was in very poor condition, crying and moaning. We gave her a blessing, and thanked them for calling us, and they were very grateful that we had come. We headed over to our house, and it turns out that the money I had was just a bit under the fee, but the Taxi driver was grateful that he could talk with us, so he just accepted the 50 pesos I had. Elder G and I were left there thinking about what had just happened; the promptings of the spirit, the hand of the Lord, and the great opportunity to hold the priesthood.

I just need to keep worthy always of the covenants and promises that the Lord has made with me, and everything will be alright.


Elder Garner

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