Monday, May 30, 2016

2016.05.30 Huasteca-Mitras

Davis, little M and Elder G
Dear Mom,

this was a great week! as you can see, we had a very nice baptism. V and E [the couple from North Carolina?], along with the little girl M were baptized. that young man in the last picture is a priest that baptized M. It was really nice because a lot of the members came to support, they shared bilingual messages, and the spirit was strong. Elder G and I did the ordinance for V and E in English (strange when they called me to preach the gospel in Spanish.) I baptized E. This computer is really slow. M and E shared their testimony and the end of the service, and it was really special, especially for all of the investigators that came to the baptism. At the end, E invited one of the investigators that we have who is progressing to be baptized! Way to be, missonary.

Davis, E, V, and Elder G.
We still continue to work hard, so we can have special moments such as yesterday continue constantly. We have a couple of investigators progressing fairly well with whom we can put a baptismal date again, and another (E´s younger brother) who has a baptismal date. The members (especially our ward mission leader) are helping us out a lot and we are enjoying the work of the Lord.

I`ve been trying to put a lot of effort into becoming a better person, preach the gospel from the heart to the heart of others, and to learn more about Jesus Christ. I guess with all of the assignments and tasks that we have as zone leaders, there isn`t as much time to study the scriptures as there was when I was a junior companion, or even a district leader. But there always seems to be a little bit of time to ponder and listen to the Holy Ghost, to reflect and to meditate, and to pray. I think that sometimes I might be a little bit hard on myself, and that that could take time and effort away that could be better used to get better and thank the Lord for my weaknesses and be gratefully humble. I feel that I`m in good condition though and I`m grateful that I still have 3 months left as a full time missionary. FYI mom, 3 months is a LONG TIME! (Longer than the wingspan of an Andean condor, longer than the bill of a sword billed hummingbird in ratio, but not as long as the migration flight of an arctic tern, which is 18,000 miles if I remember correctly.)

I received one package just today form President McArthur, it was from the Ward! Thanks for all of the treats, my favorite part was all of the letters. Thanks to everyone who wrote me a bit in EspaƱol and to all of those I do not know that wrote me. I`d like to respond to and meet everyone. Right now the time doesn`t allow, but maybe i`ll be able to next week and I can get all of the names and letters organized. I got the chocolate milk mix out and said to Elder G ¨Looks like we won`t have to buy any this week!¨ [Note to reader - it was a good sized container of Nestle Quik.  I think that means that Davis will use up the whole thing within a week.  His recipe is to fill the glass mostly full of Quik and add a splash of milk.]

President and Sister MacArthur (mission president) with E., V., Davis and Elder G.

Baptismal party

I`m about to read Alma 5. It`s a good chapter for self reflection. I came across part of a talk by Pres. Marion g. Romney where he talked about a pure heart and clean hands, and how it should be a goal for all of us to present ourselves with such before the Lord.

Well, I guess we will see how this week goes, Love you all very much!

Elder Garner

PS. the kid with the crutches in the last picture was supposed to get baptized too, but a week and a half ago he broke his leg again! right after he got it off. (dad voice: gosh darn kids)

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