Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2016.05.23 Huasteca-Mitras

Hiking up Cerro de la Silla

Oh no! Falling off the cliff... again...
Cerro de la Silla
Elder G and Elder G on top of the mountain

Dear Mom!

Oh Boy do I love you! It´s because you have always been there for me in all that I´ve done, I don´t think I´ve had a better motivator than you, and I try to follow your example. Thank you.

Industrial equipment on top of the mountain?

Guess what, We finally went to Cerro de la Silla!!! after 21 months we finally got up it! It was awesome! And now we are super tired! Awesome! We had a really cool experience where Elder G and I hiked up with a young guy (older than us) who was from some other religion, and we were having a very uplifting gospel conversation, and when we got up to the top, we gave him a book of mormon! He was really grateful and asked if we could visit him and go with him to another mountain. He lives by the mission offices, and we said it would be hard, but anyway, great experiences. It was really beautiful because we were over all of the clouds.

Anyway, yesterday we had our stake conference, and we had a lot of success getting investigators to church, because the members helped us out a lot, and a lot of the investigators could be edified by the words of the Stake President, Temple President, Mission President, President of the Church(just kidding) and an area Seventy. The area seventy talked a lot about missionary work as well as the power of fasting, and our investigators really liked that part about fasting, because they were able to learn how many blessings come from fasting and donating a generous fast offering. Good experiences!
We are looking towards a great week. We are going to have a zone conference tomorrow and so we have prepared for that. We invited some members to help us with being taught by the members. Then this sunday we are planning a baptismal service for this sunday, and We should have at least three people entering the baptismal waters, four if an investigator gets permission from his mom and if he gets back on time from some out of town trip, and six if there´s a miracle. I´m excited and I have a lot of hope for the things that will occur this week. I hope that they strengthen the missionaries, the investigators, and the members, as well as ourselves. Oh what a marvelous opportunity it is to be in the service of the Lord. I don´t want to stop. I know I won´t be a full time missionary in a couple of months, but I can still sure share the gospel every day. Elder G and I have been "practicing" on preparation days to be able to share the gospel in ordinary ways (such as hiking and passing by others, we were able to get to know wonderful people and share the gospel with 4 or 5 of them.) It´s fun, and we try to do it as if we are just regular people. Right now it´s still kind of easier because we are still full time missionaries, even when we are in regular clothes, but it´s great!


Elder Davis Garner

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