Saturday, May 14, 2016

2016.05.02 Huasteca + Mitras

Elder G and Elder G selfie.
Ehy Mammie!

C.S Lewis once said "If you give a mouse a cookie...he`ll probably want some milk to go with it!"

HEY GUESS WHAT the change just ended and it turns out that Elder G and I are going to be companions for another change! Another thing, there were a lot of changes in the zone, and we are absorbing the zone Mitras, so now we have the whole stake as our zone and it is giant. It also means that Chipinque ecological park is in our zone, and that I can go there to look for more birds. Maybe I`ll be able to find those Maroon-fronted Parrakeets.

PDay lunch at Chili's (an order of ribs for Davis, of course).  Hang loose Elder G.
A dessert worthy of a picture.
Also, they changed our preparation day, so that we have our district meetings on monday (in P-day) in the morning, and our pday will be until 9:00pm. I`m a bit unsure about it, I just hope that the missionaries will get in their houses on time. Good thing it doesn`t get dark until 9. We will see how it goes.

Anyway Mother`s Day! I will probably call you guys around 5-7 (on sunday), so for you guys it will be 3-5 that I will ring in. Isn`t that weird that I`m gonna skype you? weird weird weird.

Noteworthy experiences this week. That investigator that we gave a blessing last sunday felt much better and came to church this sunday. We had quite a few other people in church as well who had very pleasant experiences. I think that some people will be baptized soon, and the ward is very engaged in helping us out and finding people that need the gospel. Just a very good week in the work of the Lord.

Well I guess in the video call you`ll have to tell me what classes I`m taking and stuff, that`s about it.

Love yOu Lots!

Elder Garner

last thing. If you want to sent letters and packages a lot faster, just send them to this address. President picks them up when he goes to Nuevo Laredo, you still put that it`s for the Mexico Monterrey West mission though

1211 San Dario Ave. 1357
Laredo, Texas. 78040

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